Proxlat planned milestones

1) DOS COM -> ELF [expected to be completed by 30 April 2006]

2a) DOS EXE -> ELF
2b) ELF -> DOS EXE (if easily done at this stage - not likely)
2c) ELF -> DOS COM (extremely low priority)

3) start looking into translating overlays

4) Win32 PE <-> Linux ELF

5) DJGPP COFF <-> ELF (worth my time to harass DJ Delorie)

6) Watcom LE <-> all others

7) get my DOS games working natively under Linux

8) Linux ELF <-> non-Linux ELF

9) start looking into feasibility of translating GUI apps

10a) ELF -> DOS EXE revisited if necessary
10b) ELF -> DOS COM   "   "   "   "   "   "

11a) Win16 NE <-> all others
11b) Win16 LE <-> all others (maybe - seems to be only device drivers)

12) OS/2 LX <-> all others

13) Mac OSX Mach-O <-> all others

14) Mac OS 7-9 PEF <-> all others

15) Mac m68k (OS <= 7) <-> all others

16) DOS EXE <-> NLM
   Novell has a PE -> NLM translator available!

17a) 32-bit <-> 64-bit
17b) 16-bit <-> 64-bit

18) a.out <-> all other

After that, I'll look into some more exotic stuff - gaming consoles, handhelds, little-known OS's, old systems, minis, cell phones, household appliances, etc.


  • command-line/terminal apps only - GUIs are a totally separate concern
  • "all others" means everything else that has been handled up to that point
  • any format that is exclusively for device drivers will be ignored (except for detection)
  • any format that is used exclusively by a single file (*cough*cough*win386.exe*cough*cough*) will be ignored (except for detection)